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Joing the Association

By becoming a member of the New Zealand Kunekune Association you can benefit from a quarterly newsletter, a registration system for pedigree stock and contact with other people who have an interest in Kunekune pigs. You can also advertise any stock for sale in the newsletter and website. The annual subscription is only $25 for a single membership or $30 for a double.

CLICK HERE for a printable registration form.

Application for Prefix

If you are breeding Kunekune's you will need to register a prefix (stud name). Pigs are usually named with the breeders prefix followed by the pigs name. For example, "Pinkie Piggy", Pinkie would be the prefix, and Piggy, the pigs name.

There is a $10 fee, payable once only to apply for a prefix name.

CLICK HERE for a printable prefix registration form

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